New Couture Line of Rolex Daytona Rubber Watch Straps


Rolex Daytona Watch StrapPeople who own a Rolex love their Rolex. The enthusiasm that revolves around the luxury watch series prompts many to find a way to wear the Rolex all the time. Thankfully, owners of Rolex Daytona watch straps and watches now have a high-end option to modify their collection.

The RubberB Couture Rubber Watch Strap:

These straps are designed only for the white/yellow gold Rolex Daytona and the rose gold Rolex Daytona, but they are a sight to behold. Hand-stitched, high quality and durable thread and RubberB’s patented vulcanized rubber weaves together to create a real option for chaining out a Rolex Daytona watch strap.

Rolex Daytona Rubber Watch Straps – Built to Last

It is practically pointless to buy a generic strap for a Rolex watch. Since luxury watches from the timeless watch maker are usually kept in pristine condition, less durable straps quickly stick out like a sore thumb. RubberB has perfected the craft of producing watch bands that match the durability, elegance, and classic design of the Rolex brand. Their newest offering, the couture line, keeps with that tradition.

The Couture Rubber watch straps from RubberB can be found at and But for a click glimpse, check out the gallery below:

What They’re Made Of

Each strap in the RubberB Couture line is crafted with the highest quality, pure vulcanized rubber. The straps still contain absolutely no coatings, blends or bonding and still meet FDA and BVGG specifications as non toxic, non marking, and non allergenic. The only difference is the increased eye for detail and the hand finished stitching.

RubberB has their Couture straps hand-stitched in France. Knotted invisibly within the Vulcanized Rubber, the watches fit comfortably and offer a uniformity in design and aesthetics that is unparalleled. Rolex Daytona watch owners have long been on the lookout for a high-end strap option. With the limited Couture line from RubberB, they might have just found it.


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