How to Truly Customize a Luxury Watch


If you spend money on a luxury watch from Rolex or Panerai, the odds are that you wear it quite often. The problem, however, is that wearing the same watch day in and day out can quickly become boring and uninspired. It is no coincidence that customizing luxury watches has become something of a cult amongst watch enthusiasts.

Luxury watch accessory companies like the one at provide a way to customize a luxury watch for any occasion. If you need a bit more inspiration for your luxury watch, check out the ideas below.

Engraved watchesEngraving a Rolex

Engraving a Rolex or a Panerai is a great way to customize your watch to your taste. Engraving doesn’t simply mean inscribing a name or a quote. Modern technology allows engravers to create some truly stunning pieces. If your watch isn’t quite what you dreamed it to be, getting it engraved can help customize your luxury watch in a way you might never imagine.

Custom Rolex or Panerai Watch Strap

Rolex and Panerai watches come with beautiful watch straps. Sometimes, however, those metal and rubber watch strapleather straps that are so common simply do not match your taste. Customizing a luxury watch does not have to mean sacrificing design aesthetics. The rubber watch straps at are designed to perfectly attach to specific luxury watch models. Watch straps from RubberB actually are micro-calibrated like original watch straps that come with the purchase of a luxury watch.

Adding Ornate Touches

For some, interchanging straps and adding engraving still isn’t enough to personalize their watch. There are a variety of services across the web that are dedicated to adding personal flare to any type of watch. Jewels, diamonds, and crystals are all used to add to a watch and create a custom design.

In any case, customizing a watch can be a great experience. Choosing Panerai or Rolex rubber watch straps from places like, engraving, and adding ornate touches can all be great ways to truly personalize a watch.


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