Customizing Luxury Watches with Rubber Watch Straps


So, you love your watch. Rolex, Panerai, Tag Heuer, and everything in-between. It’s your prize possession. The thing is, sometimes you need a bit of a change. It doesn’t matter how stunning, how sleek, how amazing the watch, sometimes wearers need a change of pace. Instead of shelling out for a brand new luxury watch, think about simply buying a new watch strap from companies like

Switching out watch straps is almost like buying an entirely new watch (without the ridiculous price tag)

Rubber Watch Straps

Perennially successful companies like Rolex focus on the timepiece rather than the watch strap. In fact, the watch strap is often an afterthought. So why not make it a focus once you have enjoyed the original watch for a while. Some of the well-designed and hand-finished rubber straps on the market are pretty stunning. 

Check out this gallery of rubber watch straps for both Panerai and Rolex courtesy of

Believe it or not, these straps are just as durable as their metal and leather counterparts, if not more so. RubberB watch straps are made with a specially formulated vulcanized rubber and are then hand finished. Capable of withstanding harsh conditions but still flexible enough to move with comfort, these straps are often chosen over the original watch straps that come with a watch like a Tag Heuer. 

Customizing for Color

For watch lovers who want a bit more color in their lives, rubber is a great road to travel. Instead of colored leather that can be tacky and artificial-looking, VulChromatic watch straps provides clean, modern color for the clean, modern man. Since they offer tight, motionless, rotation-less and gap-free mount to the watch head, they are often even better fitting than original leather straps. 

Customizing for color outside of metal often means going with a more muted tone. Brightly colored metal watch straps often are a bit too noticeable. The subtle flair of a colored rubber watch strap is hard to beat. 


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