The Smart Watch Revolution and the Smarter Watch Strap

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Whether we like it or not, the smart watch is here. With the release of Android Wear, it looks like every other technology and watch maker could smartwatch imagebe throwing their hat in the ring. At the moment, however, most of the wearable watches have watch straps that are more than lacking in the design department. 

Does the impending smart watch revolution mean a renewed interest in watch customization? If so, companies like the one at are likely to see some serious growth.

Smart Watches and the Watch Industry

macro watch strap imageWhen we say that watch makers are beginning to throw their hat in the ring, we mean that tech companies are taking some of the best employees the watch industry has to offer. The best example? Apple just recruited TAG Heuer’s vice president of sales, Patrick Pruniaux. Since the iWatch could be launched as early as this fall, TAG Heuer’s vice president will likely get the ball rolling on the right foot. 

The thing is, we have yet to see a visually striking smart watch. Wearable technology has a problem of fitting impressive technology in a small space. Unfortunately, where they do have space (the watch strap) seems to be an aesthetic afterthought. It’s likely that smart watches will be worn on a daily basis by many, so the watch strap should fit well and look even better. 

For smart watches that don’t use the strap to add technology, it might just be that watch strap customization options at will be the choice of the savvy consumer. 

Smart Watch CustomizationRubberb strap macro

Part of the crowd that is likely to buy these smart watches will be young professionals and corporate leaders who need constant connection. These are the same people who wear Rolex and Panerai watches to make a statement. Odds are, the design of the watch straps on the current generation of smart watches won’t be enough. 

Luckily, that’s where companies like RubberB step in to make the wrists of the world a little bit more beautiful. 


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