How to Take Care of a Rubber Watch Strap


Rubber watch straps are incredibly durable, but that does’t mean they are invincible. Many luxury watch owners (think Rolex lovers or Paneraistas) choose to wear rubber watch straps for daily wear because of their durability. It is still, however, a good idea to take small steps to keep your watch band in great shape. Just as a leather or metal bracelet requires upkeep, so too do rubber watch straps.

Be careful, however, to follow manufacturer directions on how to clean a rubber watch band. The ever-popular strap manufacturer at offers a few tips on how to keep a rubber watch strap in pristine condition.

How to Prevent Damage

Preventing damage is just as important as cleaning and repairing it. There are a few ways to ensure that common damage doesn’t destroy your watch strap. Check out a few of the things you can do to extend the life of your watch strap (courtesy of

Rinse strap with fresh water and dry with soft cloth after any exposure to salt water or chlorine

Absolutely never apply rubbing alcohol or other astringents

Avoid direct application of aftershave, perfume, cologne as they can stain and dry out the rubber

Clean after any excessive sweating

How to Clean a Rubber Watch Strapsoap bars

Cleaning a rubber watch strap is much, much easier than most other types of watch bands. Instead of polish or leather conditioner, owners of vulcanized rubber straps from only have to use lukewarm water and mild liquid hand or body soap. The mild soap cleans off dirt, grime, and salt to help protect the natural patina of the strap.

Cleaning a rubber watch band does simply require lukewarm water and mild soap, as stronger cleaning products can actually degrade the structure of the strap. Avoid use of any solvents like Benzene, Trichloroethylene, and Acetone to keep your watch band in perfect working order. As long as you avoid these common pitfalls, your rubber watch strap should last for decades.


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