The Four Pillars of Watch Strap Care


water for cleaning watch strapsWatches are more than just a way to keep time. Watches are a fashion statement, a cultural statement, and, many times, a status symbol. Why, then, do so many people disregard the health of their watch straps? Cracks, discoloration, and a loss of flexibility and fit can creep up on watch owners regardless of type of watch or watch strap.

For some luckily watch lovers, the discovery of a high-end rubber watch strap from companies like provides a more durable choice for daily wear and tear. Still, there are a few basic principles that help keep watches and watch straps clean and beautiful for years on end.


It doesn’t matter if you have a leather watch strap or a rubber one, harsh chemicals should be avoided at all costs. If, for whatever reason, you are exposed to large amounts of chemicals, leave your watch behind. Need to scour a pot or pan with a bunch of household cleaners? Leave your watch on the counter.


It’s not just harsh chemicals and chemically-laden cleaners from which you need to stay away. Shaving cream, perfume, makeup, or even sunscreen can do some serious damage to a watch strap from If you have a question as to whether or not it can damage your watch, odds are, it can.

Rinse and Pat Dry

If you go out and enjoy the water with a watch from Rolex that is designed to work to extreme depths, good on you. The thing is, if the water was in the ocean or in a pool, the salt and chemicals can do irreparable harm to your watch strap. So, what do you do? In any situation where a watch strap has been exposed to swimming pools or the ocean, simply rinse with lukewarm water and pat it dry.

After Workout

After sweating, playing a round of golf, or working out, you can help extend the life of your watch strap by washing it off. Simply rinse with lukewarm water and apply a light amount of liquid body (or hand) some. Then, pat it dry lightly.


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