ToyWatch Breaks the Luxury Mould


Total Stones Luxury WatchWhen most people hear the term “luxury watch”, the same tired design pops into the minds of the collector, the novice, and the uninformed buyer. Metal, a round watch face, a chronograph, and the same-old-same-old. There is, however, a new kid on the block. ToyWatch is making waves in the high-end watch sector. Among names that have dominated for a hundred years or more, they are making a name for themselves after just a little over seven years.

Breaking the Mould

ToyWatch hit the ground running. Their Total Stones Collection in 2006 was a never before seen take on the high-end watch. The line’s description “Shocking reinterpretation of timeless classics. The unexpected tourbillion, the outrageous pavè transparencies, the charming chromatic mix” says it all. And what did they do the very next year?

Skull WatchThe Skull Collection. This set of watches introduced an irreverent tone into the industry that challenged conventional thought of what a luxury timepiece could be. Their jewel-encrusted symbols stuck a chord with the fringes of the watch collector blogosphere.

Then, in 2008, they launched the FLUO Collection. Almost instantly, ToyWatch built a loyal following the world over for its consistently fresh approach on an industry that was beginning to dull. The FLUO Collection and ToyWatch models were worn and promoted by everyone from Oprah to the first lady herself.

Building a Luxury Watch Brand

Just a few years success does not a brand make. In the years following their Fluo luxury watchesFLUO collection, ToyWatch continued to create some of the most authentic, charming Italian-inspired watches in the industry. Their Ceramica and Kris lines gave watch collectors something new, fresh, and dynamic to collect.

In the years that passed, they developed collection after collection that challenged the traditional establishment. With a skeleton watch launched in 2009, this is a watch maker that stays ahead of the curve of style, technology, and fashion. Want to see the rest of the watches from ToyWatch? Visit their watch collections page.


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