A Watch Strap for the Fall Fashion Season

watch strap

My Aunt Sheryl did NOT look anything like this.

Let’s be realistic for a second. Having a different Rolex (or any truly luxury watch) for every single season might not be in reach for the majority of us. I mean, I love a good chrono, but my kids have to go to college (and, as it turns out, I have to pay for it). But I already have two stunners: a Panerai Luminor and a Rolex Submariner.

So how do I make a change to stay ahead of the curve for any season? I customize my watch band with a selection from www.rubberb.com. It might seem like a bit of work, but it is COMPLETELY worth it.

Customizing Straps for Fall

When fall rolls around, colors begin flowing over forests, apple cider is everywhere, and two or three yoga-pant wearing patrons sip a pumpkin spice late on every street corner in America. In all seriousness though, fall is a beautiful time of year. The harsh glinting metal of Rolex watch strap doesn’t really fit in with the season.

So I though, why not a leather strap? I looked into the care and maintenance, the fit, and the aesthetics. For some reason, leather watches just make me thing of my great aunt Sheryl. So, I kept searching for something…something a bit more me.

I found that something “a bit more me” at www.rubberb.com. At first I thought there was NO way that I would ever put a rubber strap on my Rolex. Then, I did a little research. They are pretty much the only ones making a gap-free, rotationless mount strap specifically for Rolex and Panerai models.

If I’m going to pay money to customize my high-end timepiece, I’m going to want a perfect fit. Well, they had the perfect fit. Not only that, but the design was more me. It captured how I feel about fall: there is just a beautiful aesthetic, a comfortable fit, and a husky durability about it.

I love the strap. I love my watch. Most of all, I love fall.

Visit http://rubberb.com/en/rolex-watch-band-products to see if you model has a dedicated rubber strap option.


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