How Rolex Will Continue to Rise


If you read any fashion or technology blogs, you will have heard one common thread pulling from the blogosphere: The Apple Watch is coming! The Apple Watch is coming! Yes, it is, but it doesn’t mean doom for luxury watch makers like Rolex. In fact, this new generation of watches might even help Rolex rise to unmatched heights.

Why? Well we’ve discovered a few reasons not to count out the premier name in luxury timepieces.

The Next Generation

No, not that next generation. Then again, it might be the generation that grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Apple Watch is going to hit markets and tear up lower tier watchmakers like Tag Heuer and Fossil, but it is also going to introduce a new generation to watches. This generation is one that has ditched the watch for pulling a smartphone out of a pocket. Now, however, the watch might just become the status symbol that it once was with another generation.

As the Apple Watch loses its appeal, the younger group might just enjoy having a watch on the wrist. When they decide to really upgrade, to join the upper echelon, they will inevitably choose Rolex. We predict Rolex’s popularity will rise like a rocket with younger groups in about 5-10 years.


All generations seek a personal touch to their style. For the younger group that doesn’t want formal metal straps or stuffy leather bands, there is a new option that might just convert the masses. The watch straps at are providing Rolex owners (both young and old) with a new aesthetic that is designed specifically for the luxury brand. Think aftermarket parts with a stylistic twist.

Investment Potential

Rolex is only just beginning to feel the renaissance of investment. People around the world are divesting from stock and bonds. Now, investors are searching for unique opportunities in items that appreciate over time.

Nothing appreciates like a Rolex.

As the market continues to tumble and roll, Rolex will rise as one of the most sought-after alternative investments.


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