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RubberB WatchStraps for Panerai


Being active does not mean having to give up one’s fashion sense. Take, for example, the luxury watch. Owners of fine timepieces, like the Panerai Luminor watch line, have traditionally been forced to remove their watches when exercising, hiking, swimming, canoeing, playing golf, or sailing. Failing to do so could have resulted in the watch strap snapping, being damaged by moisture, or unsightly scuffing and discoloration. But, one company has taken note of this problem and done something about it. Enter the Rubber B Panerai Watch Strap line.

Rubber B is a maker of luxury rubber watch straps. The company uses only vulcanized rubber, avoiding any sort of bonding, coating, or other manufacturing tricks that produce inferior products. Instead, their product are hard-wearing, rugged, but beautiful creations. They are perfectly engineered to fit exactly like the original strap, preventing any undesirable rotation or shifting of the strap in its seating at the mounting points of the watch. Indeed, while the Rubber B Panerai Watch Straps all come with their own buckle clasps, these can easily be replaced with the original buckle to give the watch a stock appearance.

While a leather watch strap may be a more traditional look, it does not hold up as well as rubber when exposed to abrasion, moisture, or rough treatment. Stock Panerai watch straps are lovely compliments to the main watch body, but the Rubber B’s are even better and more useful. They open these lovely marvels of technology to a wider range of operating conditions and make them not just dress watches, but also sports and leisure watches.

To learn more about Rubber B’s line of Panerai Luminor watch straps, visit


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