Apple Helps Push U.S. Watch Sales to Biggest Drop in Seven Years

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U.S. watch sales fell the most in seven years in June, one of the first signs Apple Inc.’s watch is eroding demand for traditional timepieces.

Retailers sold $375 million of watches during the month, 11 percent less than in June 2014, according to data from NPD Group. The 14 percent decline in unit sales was the largest since 2008, according to Fred Levin, head of the market researcher’s luxury division.


Replacement Straps For Your Rolex

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A Rolex watch is a lifetime investment, but the band on your watch could be damaged badly during daily wear. You may replace your expensive Rolex watch band with a rubber band from Rubber B that makes your watch look just as it did while making it more durable. This article explores how the vulcanized rubber in your replacement strap will help extend the life of your watch.


Dive Watches: Top 5 Features You Need To Look For

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Summer is here and that means many more people will be hitting the waters and diving into adventures. With that said a dive watch will quickly become your go-to daily timepiece. The versatile look of a diver is attractive – it showcases robust features that blend function with fashion – especially when in or around bodies of water. Everyone should own a diver to round out their collection! Here are the top 5 things you should look for when choosing your dive watch:

Review: Replacement straps and watch bands for Rolex

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Rolex owners who search for a Rolex leather replacement strap have their work cut out for them. I recently decided to search out all of the available options on the market that are guaranteed to be for a Rolex. When you envision the wide variety marketplaces that supposedly provide Rolex owners a solution for a Rolex replacement strap such as Amazon, Ebay, the internet in general, you would expect multiple options that are to the standard of the watch. Well friends, let me assure all the good watch guys out there who are in need of a fine Rolex leather replacement watch band that the choices are far narrower than you would expect.

Rolex cutomization

Reviewing The RubberB Strap For Rolex Submariner And GMT Master II

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Modern versions of sports watches like Panerai and IWC Ingenieur have quick strap replacement systems. In particular, a reason for Panerai watches’ great appeal is the vast number of after market straps available readily for all of their models, with each strap being relatively easy to change in a few minutes using the quick strap changing tool that comes with some of their models. Rolex, despite its indisputable popularity – and an arguably massive commercial opportunity – has never ventured to offer a wide selection options as far as straps and bracelets are concerned. One of the more interesting after market alternatives are the RubberB straps, specially designed to fit different Rolex models (see our article on the Rubber B Rolex Deepsea Glidelock Watch Strap here). We have had a chance to consider the model created for the “SubC,” i.e., the latest version of the Rolex Submariner with the ceramic bezel.

New Couture Line of Rolex Daytona Rubber Watch Straps


Rolex Daytona Watch StrapPeople who own a Rolex love their Rolex. The enthusiasm that revolves around the luxury watch series prompts many to find a way to wear the Rolex all the time. Thankfully, owners of Rolex Daytona watch straps and watches now have a high-end option to modify their collection.

The RubberB Couture Rubber Watch Strap:

These straps are designed only for the white/yellow gold Rolex Daytona and the rose gold Rolex Daytona, but they are a sight to behold. Hand-stitched, high quality and durable thread and RubberB’s patented vulcanized rubber weaves together to create a real option for chaining out a Rolex Daytona watch strap.

Rolex Daytona Rubber Watch Straps – Built to Last

It is practically pointless to buy a generic strap for a Rolex watch. Since luxury watches from the timeless watch maker are usually kept in pristine condition, less durable straps quickly stick out like a sore thumb. RubberB has perfected the craft of producing watch bands that match the durability, elegance, and classic design of the Rolex brand. Their newest offering, the couture line, keeps with that tradition.

The Couture Rubber watch straps from RubberB can be found at and But for a click glimpse, check out the gallery below:

What They’re Made Of

Each strap in the RubberB Couture line is crafted with the highest quality, pure vulcanized rubber. The straps still contain absolutely no coatings, blends or bonding and still meet FDA and BVGG specifications as non toxic, non marking, and non allergenic. The only difference is the increased eye for detail and the hand finished stitching.

RubberB has their Couture straps hand-stitched in France. Knotted invisibly within the Vulcanized Rubber, the watches fit comfortably and offer a uniformity in design and aesthetics that is unparalleled. Rolex Daytona watch owners have long been on the lookout for a high-end strap option. With the limited Couture line from RubberB, they might have just found it.

Rolex Explorer Watch Straps and RubberB Vulcanized Rubber Customizations


The Rolex Explorer is a beautiful watch. The watch straps from RubberB are designed to enhance the fluid and clean lines of the most luxurious watches on the market. The Rolex Explorer line is a dynamic one, offering a variety of aesthetics with every new release. Larger watch face options, smaller options, and completely redesigned dials are released fairly often.

What almost never changes, however, is the Rolex watch strap. Below are three watches that can easily be customized with a fresh summer look through the simple installation of a rubber watch strap from RubberB.

Rolex Explorer I 39 mm Customization: Rubber Watch Strap and Clasp

The Explorer I 39 mm watch from Rolex is a trim, more classic Rolex watch. The choice of adventure enthusiasts and businessmen alike, the Explorer I 39 mm is a durable, incredibly attractive option. Anyone who has this watch on their wrist is lucky man. The Rolex Explorer I 39 mm looks even better with a rubber watch strap.

That might sound impossible, but the impressive lines of the RubberB strap eventuates the iconic watch face of the Rolex Explorer I 39 mm.

Rolex Explorer II 40 mm Customization: Rubber Watch Strap and Clasp

The Rolex Explorer II 40 mm is a more modern take on the durable Explorer model line. This 40 mm watch face offers a contemporary look that combines with a simple yet useful dial. Easily check the time (the most accurate time possible) while remaining incredibly stylish. The rubber watch straps from RubberB are offered in a variety of colors to allow Rolex owners to create a more individualistic style.

For more on Rolex Explorer II 40 mm watch strap customizations, visit:

Rolex Explorer II 42 mm Customization: Rubber Watch Strap and Clasp

There are a few subtle differences in the classic Rolex Explorer II 42 mm and 40 mm lines, but not enough to catch the eye of the casual watch wearer. Enthusiasts, however, understand the difference a larger watch face and dial makes. The three rubber watch strap colors offered by RubberB can help people create truly unique and customized watches.

Check out all the options and images for the rubber Rolex Explorer II 42 mm watch below at