Old Rubber B Watch Strap Commercial

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I found an interesting video created by Rubber B about two years ago. The company which produces the vulcanized replacement rubber watch straps that can be used for all luxury watches, has a  creative video advertising its resilient straps with scenes relating to outdoor activities in stop motion using over 2,000 Rubber B Straps.

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Reviewing The RubberB Strap For Rolex Submariner And GMT Master II

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Modern versions of sports watches like Panerai and IWC Ingenieur have quick strap replacement systems. In particular, a reason for Panerai watches’ great appeal is the vast number of after market straps available readily for all of their models, with each strap being relatively easy to change in a few minutes using the quick strap changing tool that comes with some of their models. Rolex, despite its indisputable popularity – and an arguably massive commercial opportunity – has never ventured to offer a wide selection options as far as straps and bracelets are concerned. One of the more interesting after market alternatives are the RubberB straps, specially designed to fit different Rolex models (see our article on the Rubber B Rolex Deepsea Glidelock Watch Strap here). We have had a chance to consider the model created for the “SubC,” i.e., the latest version of the Rolex Submariner with the ceramic bezel.

Structure Series by Rubber B



Rubber B, already known as “The Ultimate Rubber Strap”, and creator of the first and only Vulcanized Rubber straps engineered for blocked integration to Rolex and Panerai watches, has released the ultimate collection of luxury watch straps for all universal luxury watches. 

Watches you Need to Know About Now


With all the countless of watches that are available on the market, Bloomberg Businessweek has narrowed down 8 of its favorite watches that are valued in aesthetics and mechanics . Read along and pick your favorite so you can be on the top of the waiting list.

The Equation of Time complication elevates the simple Radiomir 1940 without being pretentious

The Equation of Time complication elevates the simple Radiomir 1940 without being pretentious

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RubberB WatchStraps for Panerai


Being active does not mean having to give up one’s fashion sense. Take, for example, the luxury watch. Owners of fine timepieces, like the Panerai Luminor watch line, have traditionally been forced to remove their watches when exercising, hiking, swimming, canoeing, playing golf, or sailing. Failing to do so could have resulted in the watch strap snapping, being damaged by moisture, or unsightly scuffing and discoloration. But, one company has taken note of this problem and done something about it. Enter the Rubber B Panerai Watch Strap line.

How Rolex Will Continue to Rise


If you read any fashion or technology blogs, you will have heard one common thread pulling from the blogosphere: The Apple Watch is coming! The Apple Watch is coming! Yes, it is, but it doesn’t mean doom for luxury watch makers like Rolex. In fact, this new generation of watches might even help Rolex rise to unmatched heights.

Why? Well we’ve discovered a few reasons not to count out the premier name in luxury timepieces.