Dive Watches: Top 5 Features You Need To Look For

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Summer is here and that means many more people will be hitting the waters and diving into adventures. With that said a dive watch will quickly become your go-to daily timepiece. The versatile look of a diver is attractive – it showcases robust features that blend function with fashion – especially when in or around bodies of water. Everyone should own a diver to round out their collection! Here are the top 5 things you should look for when choosing your dive watch:


Review: Replacement straps and watch bands for Rolex

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Rolex owners who search for a Rolex leather replacement strap have their work cut out for them. I recently decided to search out all of the available options on the market that are guaranteed to be for a Rolex. When you envision the wide variety marketplaces that supposedly provide Rolex owners a solution for a Rolex replacement strap such as Amazon, Ebay, the internet in general, you would expect multiple options that are to the standard of the watch. Well friends, let me assure all the good watch guys out there who are in need of a fine Rolex leather replacement watch band that the choices are far narrower than you would expect.

Old Rubber B Watch Strap Commercial

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I found an interesting video created by Rubber B about two years ago. The company which produces the vulcanized replacement rubber watch straps that can be used for all luxury watches, has a  creative video advertising its resilient straps with scenes relating to outdoor activities in stop motion using over 2,000 Rubber B Straps.

Structure Series by Rubber B



Rubber B, already known as “The Ultimate Rubber Strap”, and creator of the first and only Vulcanized Rubber straps engineered for blocked integration to Rolex and Panerai watches, has released the ultimate collection of luxury watch straps for all universal luxury watches. 

ToyWatch Breaks the Luxury Mould


Total Stones Luxury WatchWhen most people hear the term “luxury watch”, the same tired design pops into the minds of the collector, the novice, and the uninformed buyer. Metal, a round watch face, a chronograph, and the same-old-same-old. There is, however, a new kid on the block. ToyWatch is making waves in the high-end watch sector. Among names that have dominated for a hundred years or more, they are making a name for themselves after just a little over seven years.

Breaking the Mould

ToyWatch hit the ground running. Their Total Stones Collection in 2006 was a never before seen take on the high-end watch. The line’s description “Shocking reinterpretation of timeless classics. The unexpected tourbillion, the outrageous pavè transparencies, the charming chromatic mix” says it all. And what did they do the very next year?

Skull WatchThe Skull Collection. This set of watches introduced an irreverent tone into the industry that challenged conventional thought of what a luxury timepiece could be. Their jewel-encrusted symbols stuck a chord with the fringes of the watch collector blogosphere.

Then, in 2008, they launched the FLUO Collection. Almost instantly, ToyWatch built a loyal following the world over for its consistently fresh approach on an industry that was beginning to dull. The FLUO Collection and ToyWatch models were worn and promoted by everyone from Oprah to the first lady herself.

Building a Luxury Watch Brand

Just a few years success does not a brand make. In the years following their Fluo luxury watchesFLUO collection, ToyWatch continued to create some of the most authentic, charming Italian-inspired watches in the industry. Their Ceramica and Kris lines gave watch collectors something new, fresh, and dynamic to collect.

In the years that passed, they developed collection after collection that challenged the traditional establishment. With a skeleton watch launched in 2009, this is a watch maker that stays ahead of the curve of style, technology, and fashion. Want to see the rest of the watches from ToyWatch? Visit their watch collections page.

The Difference a Luxury Watch Strap Can Make


Luxury watch strapIf you have a Rolex or a Panerai wrist watch, you shouldn’t cheapen it with just any other old strap. Generic replacement straps fit awkwardly and often create more gaps and rotation than with straps that come with the watches. Thankfully, there are a variety of watch straps made specifically for Rolex and Panerai-level luxury watches. 

A luxury watch strap can make all the difference when customizing a high-end timepiece.

Luxury Watch Straps 

So, what sets a luxury watch strap apart from a cheap replacement strap? One of the biggest differences is the fit of the strap. When wearing a luxury watch, the last thing an owner wants is to be fiddling with the fit constantly. Rotation and fit on a luxury watch strap should be nearly perfect. The watch straps at www.rubberb.com are designed to fit as perfect as possible. 

Here are just a few of the words to look for when shopping for a luxury watch strap.

  • Flexibility
  • Reduction in micro-adjustments
  • Elastified fit
  • Anti-friction

Basically, a luxury watch strap should fit perfectly. If a watch owner is going to pay for a watch strap, they might as well get one that actually fits. 

Vulcanized Rubber Luxury Watch Straps

What makes a good watch strap a great one? Well-researched, well-developed technology. The experts at www.rubberb.com design watch straps that get as close to a customized fit as possible. The vulcanized rubber even offers increased flexibility and durability over traditional metal and leather straps. Comfortable fit is essential when it comes to luxury watch straps. 

Vulcanized rubber watch straps also look pretty amazing, and they are designed to only look better with age. Since they need no coating, blends or bonding, they gain a natural patina over time. Luxury rubber watch straps from www.rubberb.com age gracefully, just like the watches and people they are designed to fit.