Review: Replacement straps and watch bands for Rolex

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Rolex owners who search for a Rolex leather replacement strap have their work cut out for them. I recently decided to search out all of the available options on the market that are guaranteed to be for a Rolex. When you envision the wide variety marketplaces that supposedly provide Rolex owners a solution for a Rolex replacement strap such as Amazon, Ebay, the internet in general, you would expect multiple options that are to the standard of the watch. Well friends, let me assure all the good watch guys out there who are in need of a fine Rolex leather replacement watch band that the choices are far narrower than you would expect.

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Reviewing The RubberB Strap For Rolex Submariner And GMT Master II

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Modern versions of sports watches like Panerai and IWC Ingenieur have quick strap replacement systems. In particular, a reason for Panerai watches’ great appeal is the vast number of after market straps available readily for all of their models, with each strap being relatively easy to change in a few minutes using the quick strap changing tool that comes with some of their models. Rolex, despite its indisputable popularity – and an arguably massive commercial opportunity – has never ventured to offer a wide selection options as far as straps and bracelets are concerned. One of the more interesting after market alternatives are the RubberB straps, specially designed to fit different Rolex models (see our article on the Rubber B Rolex Deepsea Glidelock Watch Strap here). We have had a chance to consider the model created for the “SubC,” i.e., the latest version of the Rolex Submariner with the ceramic bezel.

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RubberB WatchStraps for Panerai


Being active does not mean having to give up one’s fashion sense. Take, for example, the luxury watch. Owners of fine timepieces, like the Panerai Luminor watch line, have traditionally been forced to remove their watches when exercising, hiking, swimming, canoeing, playing golf, or sailing. Failing to do so could have resulted in the watch strap snapping, being damaged by moisture, or unsightly scuffing and discoloration. But, one company has taken note of this problem and done something about it. Enter the Rubber B Panerai Watch Strap line.

A Watch Strap for the Fall Fashion Season

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My Aunt Sheryl did NOT look anything like this.

Let’s be realistic for a second. Having a different Rolex (or any truly luxury watch) for every single season might not be in reach for the majority of us. I mean, I love a good chrono, but my kids have to go to college (and, as it turns out, I have to pay for it). But I already have two stunners: a Panerai Luminor and a Rolex Submariner.

So how do I make a change to stay ahead of the curve for any season? I customize my watch band with a selection from It might seem like a bit of work, but it is COMPLETELY worth it.

Customizing Straps for Fall

When fall rolls around, colors begin flowing over forests, apple cider is everywhere, and two or three yoga-pant wearing patrons sip a pumpkin spice late on every street corner in America. In all seriousness though, fall is a beautiful time of year. The harsh glinting metal of Rolex watch strap doesn’t really fit in with the season.

So I though, why not a leather strap? I looked into the care and maintenance, the fit, and the aesthetics. For some reason, leather watches just make me thing of my great aunt Sheryl. So, I kept searching for something…something a bit more me.

I found that something “a bit more me” at At first I thought there was NO way that I would ever put a rubber strap on my Rolex. Then, I did a little research. They are pretty much the only ones making a gap-free, rotationless mount strap specifically for Rolex and Panerai models.

If I’m going to pay money to customize my high-end timepiece, I’m going to want a perfect fit. Well, they had the perfect fit. Not only that, but the design was more me. It captured how I feel about fall: there is just a beautiful aesthetic, a comfortable fit, and a husky durability about it.

I love the strap. I love my watch. Most of all, I love fall.

Visit to see if you model has a dedicated rubber strap option.


How to Take Care of a Rubber Watch Strap


Rubber watch straps are incredibly durable, but that does’t mean they are invincible. Many luxury watch owners (think Rolex lovers or Paneraistas) choose to wear rubber watch straps for daily wear because of their durability. It is still, however, a good idea to take small steps to keep your watch band in great shape. Just as a leather or metal bracelet requires upkeep, so too do rubber watch straps.

The Smart Watch Revolution and the Smarter Watch Strap

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Whether we like it or not, the smart watch is here. With the release of Android Wear, it looks like every other technology and watch maker could smartwatch imagebe throwing their hat in the ring. At the moment, however, most of the wearable watches have watch straps that are more than lacking in the design department. 

Does the impending smart watch revolution mean a renewed interest in watch customization? If so, companies like the one at are likely to see some serious growth.

Smart Watches and the Watch Industry

macro watch strap imageWhen we say that watch makers are beginning to throw their hat in the ring, we mean that tech companies are taking some of the best employees the watch industry has to offer. The best example? Apple just recruited TAG Heuer’s vice president of sales, Patrick Pruniaux. Since the iWatch could be launched as early as this fall, TAG Heuer’s vice president will likely get the ball rolling on the right foot. 

The thing is, we have yet to see a visually striking smart watch. Wearable technology has a problem of fitting impressive technology in a small space. Unfortunately, where they do have space (the watch strap) seems to be an aesthetic afterthought. It’s likely that smart watches will be worn on a daily basis by many, so the watch strap should fit well and look even better. 

For smart watches that don’t use the strap to add technology, it might just be that watch strap customization options at will be the choice of the savvy consumer. 

Smart Watch CustomizationRubberb strap macro

Part of the crowd that is likely to buy these smart watches will be young professionals and corporate leaders who need constant connection. These are the same people who wear Rolex and Panerai watches to make a statement. Odds are, the design of the watch straps on the current generation of smart watches won’t be enough. 

Luckily, that’s where companies like RubberB step in to make the wrists of the world a little bit more beautiful. 

Customizing Luxury Watches with Rubber Watch Straps


So, you love your watch. Rolex, Panerai, Tag Heuer, and everything in-between. It’s your prize possession. The thing is, sometimes you need a bit of a change. It doesn’t matter how stunning, how sleek, how amazing the watch, sometimes wearers need a change of pace. Instead of shelling out for a brand new luxury watch, think about simply buying a new watch strap from companies like

Switching out watch straps is almost like buying an entirely new watch (without the ridiculous price tag)

Rubber Watch Straps

Perennially successful companies like Rolex focus on the timepiece rather than the watch strap. In fact, the watch strap is often an afterthought. So why not make it a focus once you have enjoyed the original watch for a while. Some of the well-designed and hand-finished rubber straps on the market are pretty stunning. 

Check out this gallery of rubber watch straps for both Panerai and Rolex courtesy of

Believe it or not, these straps are just as durable as their metal and leather counterparts, if not more so. RubberB watch straps are made with a specially formulated vulcanized rubber and are then hand finished. Capable of withstanding harsh conditions but still flexible enough to move with comfort, these straps are often chosen over the original watch straps that come with a watch like a Tag Heuer. 

Customizing for Color

For watch lovers who want a bit more color in their lives, rubber is a great road to travel. Instead of colored leather that can be tacky and artificial-looking, VulChromatic watch straps provides clean, modern color for the clean, modern man. Since they offer tight, motionless, rotation-less and gap-free mount to the watch head, they are often even better fitting than original leather straps. 

Customizing for color outside of metal often means going with a more muted tone. Brightly colored metal watch straps often are a bit too noticeable. The subtle flair of a colored rubber watch strap is hard to beat.